Pouting and crying, tantrums and yelling, stealing and running away. These behaviours are a sign of something deeper and that unless taken care of through proper communication  an impasse will happen,no communication.It seems as if there are an infinite number of ways in which children can express their displeasure to us. Exactly what displeases them or what we as parents, single parents, can do about it is seldom clear amidst the decision making, catching up and scheduling that we struggle through in our day to day lives.

Mediation is a very effective tool in parent/child communication. A mediator is a neutral facilitator, trained in communication and problem solving skills to help people in conflict work out mutually agreeable solutions. The mediator works as an advocate for all parties in the dispute, helping them to feel validated for their own points of view while assisting them to find validity in other points of view. In light of the conflicts you may experience with your children, this may seem like an impossible task. But remember, as in any peace agreement, all mediations begin in impasse.